Internode: Downtime


According to research, internet downtime is one of the key barriers to switching providers, as many providers take weeks to move you across to their system, leaving you without internet connection. When you switch to an Internode broadband plan however, you could be back online in as little as 2 hours.


Our target audience; Gadget guys and digital extroverts, embrace technology and live in a parallel digital universe. They are online; socialising; working; gaming; downloading and streaming, and can’t imagine a day without it! That prompted us to wonder what on earth they would do if that ever happened.


We decided to show what could happen if these genius minds were left to their own devices without the internet. We created an integrated campaign that showed scenarios in print and online. We also created a radio and television roadblock, whereby one of our potential customers has taken over the airwaves and transmits their version of “interesting” content…such as 80’s theme songs across every channel on air. A digital billboard in the Rundle Street Mall was also taken over and we played the future of music to shoppers all day.